A Great Place to Live

A Great Place to Live


I see it every time I get on one of the FB groups about Fort Bragg. A military spouse posts:
“Hey, everyone! We’re getting stationed at Fort Bragg and will be there in a few months. What’s it like there? What suggestions do you have on where to live?”

And then they come in droves. “Fort Bragg is THE WORST”. “Just stay out of Fayetteville!”. “I’m so glad we got away,” and on and on. Let me be clear on this…. Fort Bragg still has room to grow, but it’s actually a great place to live.

My family has been here since 2005 and we’ve chosen to make this area our forever home. But it’s not like this is the only place I’ve ever live.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have lived in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Houston, Virginia Beach, and the Seattle area. So you can see, I’ve lived in some pretty big cities. I have to tell you this area is a hidden gem and it’s growing.  You just have to be in the know.

That’s where I come in!


·      A great downtown atmosphere

·      Construction begins on the new Baseball stadium soon, which will support the Houston Astro’s farm team for the next 30 years!

·      A new Civil War museum was recently approved

·      Plenty of parks

·      7 splash parks opening soon in Cumberland County

·      2 brand new community pools

·      The Cape Fear Theater-a high class play house that also offers drama lessons and camps for kids

·      The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra

·      Imax theater

·      Cameo movie theater serves alcohol

·      A very nice country club and multiple places to golf and play tennis.

·      Lots of gyms to choose from on and off post.  Whether its cross fit, Pure Barre or rock climbing, you can find it in Fayetteville. 

·      Tons of sports for kids: Football, Soccer, lacrosse, baseball, swimming, tennis & more

·      Defy Gravity, Trampoline Park

·      Expansive food and cuisine options (downtown alone you’ll find American, Mediterranean, Italian and West African within a one block radius)

·      The Crown Coliseum (many family friendly shows, like Disney on Ice and Entertainers, Music Artists and comedians come RIGHT to Fayetteville)

·      Many shopping choices

·      A regional airport with multiple airline choices that you can park, check in and still make your flight all in 45 min. Seriously!

·      Love the beach? You can be there in 1.5 to 2 hours!

·      Love the mountains? You can be there in a few hours!

·      Raleigh, Charlotte, Charleston are a hop, skip and jump away

·      Plenty of Historical elements to explore

·      Farms! That means local produce, farm fresh eggs and honey! Most are open to the public for visitors and have great activities for different holidays. We also have a local Farmer’s Market twice a week.

·      Fairs, festivals… I feel like there is ALWAYS something going on that I can take my children

·      Jobs: The business community is very welcoming to hiring military spouses, there is a wide array of jobs AND an amazing group of military spouse entrepreneurs here that support each other.

·      Diversity; there are so many cultures here! That in itself means that your children will grow up with a well-rounded world view.

Most people don’t realize it because we don’t have tall buildings, but Fayetteville is actually a fairly large city.  As with any big city, crime happens. But it’s not scary like some people try to make it out to be.  A lot of people choose to live just outside of Fayetteville in feeder towns like Hope Mills, Raeford and Spring Lake because of something they heard. Some also like Southern Pines.  But, there are great neighborhoods IN Fayetteville, just as well. I live in one of them!  It is worth driving around Historical Haymount in Fayetteville just to look at the houses.

In my opinion, one of the greatest things about Fort Bragg? CHOICES. Whether you are searching for public school, private school, churches, salons, grocery stores, neighborhoods or what to do with your family this weekend- you will have a CHOICE. That in itself is something that I’ve heard several other bases lack, and one that I appreciate.
Just like this area has a lot of options, the choices you make will determine your experience here. It’s easy to stay at home, or on post and feel like there’s nothing to do. When you approach Fort Bragg as a fun place to explore and connect with your community, embrace the location of being right between the beach and the mountains; I bet you’ll find yourself falling in love. This town is vibrant, soulful and proud to be called The All American City.